WarmGlow can supply and install a brand new boiler and central heating system for you. A new boiler can provide you with a 30% saving from your annual fuel bill, and modern boilers are safer, more efficient and quieter. All our gas engineers are fully experienced and gas safe registered.

A gas central heating boiler is the heart of your homes heating system and its efficiency is important to ensure you are heating your home effectively. An old inefficient boiler can add hundreds of pounds per year to your fuel bill and can also be dangerous if not properly maintained.

Boilers come in different configurations and sizes with different power ratings; which one you need depends on the size of your home and the number of rooms that it needs to heat and supply water to. It is important to fit the right size and type of boiler for your home, as this will ensure full performance and efficiencies.

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Our Services Include:

  • Installation of full heating systems
  • Boiler conversions i.e. back boiler to combi-system
  • Boiler upgrades to modern energy efficient type
  • System upgrades
  • Heating control installation to maximise system efficiency

Types of Boiler

There are two main types of boiler: A Combi Boiler and a Conventional Boiler. The Combi Boiler has become the more popular choice in recent times, however, it is not always the best option.

Combi Boiler

A combi (Combination Boiler) draws water directly from the mains so there is no need for a water storage tank, this is great if you have limited space and want unlimited hot water on demand. Modern Combi Boilers are also very energy efficient, generally quicker to install and smaller than a Conventional Boiler.

Conventional Boiler

A Conventional Boiler draws water from a water storage tank or cylinder which is usually situated in a loft or airing cupboard. Conventional Boilers are more suited to a large family home with more than one bathroom, as multiple facilities can be used at the same time without a significant loss in water pressure.