Superlite Conservatory Roofing

WarmGlow can replace your old inefficient conservatory roof with a thermally efficient beautiful SupaLite Roof and completely transform your whole downstairs living space. Roofs are available in a choice of designs and colours.

The most common problem people find with conservatories is they are either too hot or too cold, meaning there is often no comfortable time to use them; this is usually down to the roofing. Replacing your conservatory roof with a SuperLite™ thermal roof will not only insulate your conservatory roof but it will look great too.

Warmglow Home Improvements - Conservatory Roofing
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Warmglow Conservatory Roofing

Maximise your living area

Your new roof can be fitted in just a few days with minimum disruption to your home, and once complete, the conservatory can really become a comfortable extension of your downstairs living area all year round rather than just somewhere you occasionally spend some time

SupaLite™ thermal roof tiles come in many styles and colours to compliment the exterior of your home, and additional skylights can be added to the roof. Inside, the ceiling is plastered, and lights can be added so your conservatory space becomes a seamless part of your downstairs living area.

Efficient & Practicle

The insulation properties of the roof, along with the plastered ceiling, will create a seamless flow from adjoining rooms, bringing you both energy efficiencies and a bigger living space.

A SupaLite™ roof will transform the exterior of your home with your old conservatory resembling a proper extension complete with guttering, facias and optional skylights. A Superlite™ roof is solid, hardwearing and completely weatherproof, so you really can purchase with confidence.

Warmglow Home Improvements - Conservatory Roofing