Our UPVC windows achieve a high energy rating, with triple-glazing guaranteeing maximum performance. With recent advancements in glass technology, our windows are more energy efficient than ever, saving you money on heating bills and cutting carbon emissions.

Our windows are not only top quality, but also energy efficient, this means that they look great and also save you money on your heating bills. Our windows come in a choice of either double or triple-glazed, in a number of varying designs and colours.

With recent advancements in glazing meaning that the latest UPVC windows are more energy efficient than ever, now really is the best time to swap your old draughty single-glazed windows for some more modern and energy efficient triple or double-glazed ones.

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Warmglow UPVC Windows

Triple Glazed UPVC Windows

Triple-glazed windows have 3 panes of glass and two argon gas-filled cavities. This means they are not only more energy efficient, but they are also able to filter out more outside noise than double-glazed glass.  However, that’s not to say that modern double-glazed windows don’t do a great job compared to single-glazed, as they do, but triple-glazing is the latest standard and also an all-round improvement on double-glazed glass.

Looking at the diagram below you can see how a modern double or triple-glazed window works. Sunlight and heat can pass through the glass, however, cold air cannot. Because the internal glass is specially coated, heat from inside the house is reflected back into your room, meaning no heat is lost.

Triple Glazing Diagram